Office Furniture

Having your own office is a big deal as it is where you will conduct very important business. However, long hours there could lead to it becoming a second home for you. That’s why it is important to go out and get your own furniture for your office, so it’s not only professional but comfortable

5 Ways To Construct A Playroom

As parents, we always try to give our kids what we didn’t have or give them a step above what we did have. Do you remember the awesome adventures you had under the pillow fort that you built with couch cushions or the tea parties you had with all of your doll friends in your

Modernize Your Home With This Furniture

Did you know we have a new site, of course, you did you are on it right now! We are very proud of it and wanted to let you know that not only is the site new but the furniture selection is still as modern and funky as ever. We have some furniture suggestions and

Modern Coffee Tables

Most people remember the famous 1994 Seinfeld episode called “The Cigar Store Indian” where character Cosmo Kramer comes up with the idea of creating a coffee table book about coffee tables. The idea was a running joke throughout the entire season because the rest of the show’s main characters thought the coffee table book idea

With spring almost here that means summer isn’t too far away bringing with it pool parties and outdoor get-togethers. However, if you’re going to have people over it’s important that you have somewhere for all of them to sit. Funky Furniture and Stuff has got that covered with numerous pool and patio sofa sets perfect

Furnishing a vacation home, whether you plan to use it for yourself or if you’re looking to rent it out as an income property, is very different then furnishing an everyday home. Remember that you and your guests are on vacation; give that feeling throughout the house with exciting colors and unique décor, so don’t

If there’s a room in your home or office that is known for its uniqueness and funky style, it’s the game room. It’s the room that has no rules, regardless if your game room is located in the basement, attic, or garage; the options are limitless with gaming machines, decorations, and furniture. When surrounded with

As technology has changed and progressed, so has the way we have shopped for our appliances, food, presents, flowers… everything! It goes without saying that shopping for furniture has become something we can do in a few hours while sitting in the comfort of our home. It’s not that we are lazy, but if we

When it comes to the lights in our home, we tend to not give them much thought. I mean as long as the turn on and we can see, what’s the issue? However, sometimes the lighting can become boring and bland, leaving us looking to change things up. If this is you, then you might

With the year coming to a close, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. That means people will be heading out to friends and families houses to ring it in. If you are one of the many who will be holding these parties, you have to make sure you have enough seating for everyone.

With fall bringing colder temperatures, many have brought their outdoor furniture in anticipation of the winter months ahead. Some through are lucky to keep their patio sets outside year round. That means Entertain Outdoors Year Round With This Patio Set A Round Indoor/Outdoor Dining Set would be the perfect patio set. The table is stainless steel

These days, if parents have the extra room to spare in their home, they may turn it into a playroom for their kids. This helps avoid toys being thrown around the house or taking up any unnecessary space as well. It’s a no-brainer you want to make the room as fun as possible so they

Buying a new house is very exciting but it can be very overwhelming. There are numerous aspects that need to be addressed including furnishing the new rooms. Some houses may come fully furnished and with appliances already installed, but that is rare. When that isn’t the case, you will need to go out and purchase

Barstools are a staple in every public bar, it’s where patrons sit and tell the bartender all about their problems looking for advice. Norm, Cliff and Frasier had their usual seats in Cheers while sharing their day’s story with Sam and Coach… the good old days where everybody knows your name. Bar Practicality Now we

Home renovations are a really fun project. Being able to transform a space into something completely new is exciting. Renovating is similar to filling in a blank canvas, although the room probably wasn’t empty before the plan to renovate. Either way, there are so many interesting ways to re-design a room. Full renovations can include

There are a few spaces in a home that are crucial to the functionality, flow, and comfort and one of those rooms is the living room. The living room is the ideal place for relaxation and entertaining. Whether you share this space with family, friends, or just yourself, you want it to not only reflect

After a long, grueling day at work, all you can think about is eating a nice appetizing home cooked meal, and relaxing in front of the television to watch some of your favorite sitcoms and shows. It is times like these it pays to have a comfortable living room chair, placed right in the perfect

Adding a VIP room or area is a relatively inexpensive way to get your customer’s attention and increase revenue. A VIP area will allow guests to enjoy their own area and feel like they are in an exclusive club. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or bachelorette party, people love to spend their time in the

You already know how important it is for businesses to stay up to date and modern with their products and their internal processes, especially in the competitive business world that we live in. So when clients walk into your office and see old, damaged or outdated furniture, they are going to get the impression that

It’s important that businesses consider their working environment before replacing furniture; while furniture won’t hurt your organization, it can certainly hold you back. Giving your business a modern facelift will increase appeal in both clients and future employees. The look and feel of a productive office has changed quite a bit over the past decade